4IR Skill

The challenge in the easy information retrieval and dissemination era aka digital is the ability to search for the right data point, analyse the importance and place the analytical data point into the larger narrative through meaning making. How does the needed data point fit the client need?

How many colleges teach that?

Musings of an IPhone Visual Artist

Instagram and to a limited extent Facebook are digital exhibition platforms which are moderately democratic based on the typology of the followership (religious term in its origins). There are so many wonderful places where I can’t physically be present but the feeds of numerous scholars and visual artists offer a slice of life previously limited to the white gallery walls in metropolis. In the post text world, which I personally abhor as it dumbs down the story, visual is a powerful medium to solicit immediate response however the ethical minefields of representation.

Good street/documentary photography needs an educated mind. The filters on Instagram are aesthetic choice architecture at best. Choices determine the form and character of the artistic endeavour. Fake news and good photography are defined by empiricism, empathy and a commitment to making the world better, one frame at a time.

The blurr

The phone and familiar

People across the screen

Video calling



Showering care

The mobile unites

Albeit fleeting moments

Where oceans collapse

The grandfather wanting to hug

The little one

Can’t, but those moments

Are the most precious

The migrants lifeline

The communal space

Intimate yet aloof

A duty

A brief interlude

Feel human

Rather than a disposable tissue