Data Politics

Post Truth is passé as with CA scandal, we have entered a ‘Data Politics’ era in India, where Data and Digital is positioned on the core of society rather than the periphery, of its discourse.


A lot of start up entrepreneurship is about fake it till you make it. The other synonym is rather more familiar, it is called the hustle attitude. Just do it. Build the plane while flying it.

Towards a Philosophy of Creative Practice

I have been writing since high school and seriously since first year of college, and the writing trajectory had been spaced into several formats; research papers to begin with, punctuated with articles and essays and more recently poems. My writerly practice is undergirded by a sense to respond to the machinations of the world around … More Towards a Philosophy of Creative Practice


When the sunset is better than the latest LED screen When the iPhone is a miss Something is wrong The brain prompts ‘You can’t take the perfect sunset pic’ But, the soul is soaking in the serenity Life needed to reclaimed From digital And lived on its own merits

The Data Delusion

The entire Cambridge Analytica debacle was expected in the era of the hyper digital. Technology in smart phones with fast and cheap data makes connectivity ubiquitous. There is an entire generation who are digital natives, who type on keyboards on their cell phones faster then they can write. This strain however causes, laziness and a … More The Data Delusion