Reframing the Learning Curve: Lessons for the Post Text Era

Radical value needs the breakthrough idea, which is beyond business as usual, as per definition. The idea comes when, focus and context, merge at an inflection point. Reflection, very much a core methodological tenet in sociology has practical import. Only, when we know several data points from across disciplines, then the awareness dawns upon us that we have to go beyond the normative. Anyone can do the needed check list bullets. The information era, makes mediocre normal, and excellence very hard.

The definition of an A Player has evolved. It’s beyond delivering the goods. Neoliberalism, stretches the top five percent top performer bracket, every two years. Organisations in the gig era, will need more than the mediocre. I know this will sound audacious, but now a days, A Players will need to create the Blue Ocean space. Create value there is none. College does not teach you this. Actually, College is John Snow, it knows nothing about the real world.

In the information era, all data is online. The key is know what to know and have the cognitive tools to process it, in real time. The limitations of the post text era, the title of a very recent NYT article, will make for the cognitive dexterity in numbers and narratives, intersecting at various hierarchies very difficult. One remedial measure, is to learn ‘close reading’. The ability to read between the lines is slowly getting lost. If we do not read, how would we know?

Reskilling is resilience, and economies all over are dispensing Education fit for 1950. The smart phone knows more than you, then how will you remain relevant in the market, ready with millions of graduates in South Asia ready to do remote work?