Digital: Beyond Cartography

Digital is a reality we experience in the communicative realm along with e commerce now a days. The functionality of technology makes life easier to navigate and negotiate. Digital is underwritten by technology and anchored in neoliberalism which makes its velocity ferocious having both direction and magnitude. The vector of the digital is inter weaving through society. However, the epistemology of Digital is rooted in more aesthetic configurations.

Digital is an imagination which is beyond the constraints of cartography. It hooks physical reality with technological determinism. The hope of the digital is more powerful than the present functionality of the paradigm. The investment in the hope factor, makes it powerful. Neoliberal cash follows the momentum of technology, to generate better returns.

Smart Nation philosophy of Estonia, with its radical e-residency structure is banking on the success of IT platforms such as Skype, moves the nation ahead of its limited birth rates and geographic limits. Singaporean technocrats are leveraging digital to meet is urban planning challenges, and has a dedicated minister incharge of Gov Tech, exemplifying the People Action Party’s faith in pragmatism and planning far ahead of the curve. The notion and practice of Digital in the Smart Nation narrative fits in perfectly.

India too is creating an ambitious Digital agenda with the philosophy percolating in daily lives through Aadhar. This is in thorough difference to its challenge in sanitation and hunger. A bundle of paradoxes at every node which India is. The ideology of the digital is beyond the technology which it’s creators write the code. An imagination which has a dark flip side in shaping society for the worse among which is loss of jobs due to automation.

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