Digital Breaks the Mainstream

In recent times, I enjoy reading independent, progressive boutique platforms rather than mainstream media which carry mainly syndicated news feeds. The exception is Wade Shepard’s writing as a Forbes contributor where he travels the world covering the impulses from the ground.

The main issues of the day get invariably lost in the cacophony of news, instead of covering real change makers and the issues which make an impact. Padmavati, Love Yudh and some leaders belief system are not issues to grab national mind space, nor does CNN’s obsession with the Trump Presidency.

Narratives covered by platforms such as Riot, Cafe Dissensus edited by Bhaswati Ghosh and Mosarrap Hossain Khan as well as The Polis Project Founders Asim Rafiqui and Suchitra Vijayan are doing amazing work, and captures by imagination with Indian Cultural Forum and Kafila.

Swarajya of Amar Govindarajan share a different perspective. The questions raised are relevant and pointed/focused by these different voices. Scale of these voices for me is not a deal breaker, the quality of the data and the analysis is certainly.

Ofcourse the New Yorker and the Paris Review and its tribe is classy. The digital era has made mainstream problematic and questionable. What is exactly mainstream? Is a blogger with credibility not mainstream enough, if he/she writes well, only because it’s reach is not wide enough?

The business model might be broken (FT and Monocle make money though), but the canvas is larger. I would like more meat (carbon light certainly) in the Sustainability thought leadership space.

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