Voice of a Dhobi in the Gulf

Ram jee, a father of three daughters from Lucknow Rural is an Experienced Laundry Professional (Dhobi). He grew up in Worli, downtown Mumbai and Juinagar in Navi Mumbai. We shared notes on the movies watched at Meghraj Meghdoot, the original single screen theatre in Vashi, Navi Mumbai where I watched my first movie in the theatre as I recall ‘Aankhen’, the Akshay Kumar Starrer, long before he became Canadian.

Ram said that he spent a lot of time at his Mausaji’s or Uncle’s place in Juinagar, and he was remembering the route that he took till Mankhurd and then to Belapur in the mid 1990’s:

He also spent a considerable amount of time running a laundry shop in Deira, Dubai. He came back after he was humiliated by his manager in front of other colleagues. Then he got an opportunity to come to another part of the Gulf where he is in right now when he was in Lucknow.

We spoke about languages, business climate, delayed salaries due to the poor oil prices and the airports in the UAE and Oman. One does not need a degree or to have completed school in order to comprehend macroeconomic drivers impacting his laundry shop.

He said ‘In the Gulf, people do not have time to speak, meet and discuss; and time runs away, month after month without any recollection’


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