Fear has many shades Hopelessness is the primary culprit Hope though is the most powerful triggers for empowerment It is not a zero sum game Equations have constants Hope is that constant In an world which evolves every moment

How 9/11 changed the world, forever

9/11 changed how one billion people were looked at forever. This is the biggest price paid, everyday at some airport security check. The amplification of the securitisation become the new normal of surveillance. India, Thailand, Philippines, Sri Lanka and Burma received the biggest leeway for persecution ever. The digital only hyper amplifies such primal and … More How 9/11 changed the world, forever

Remembering 9/11

9/11 changed the world for the reality of today, as we experience it. Millions killed, countries destroyed, trillions spent/squandered and sixteen years later, we have Trump who is a residual historical figure, almost as a reactionary response to the dastardly event, 15 years later.