India: Lens, Chaos and Diversity

India is a story of many diversities, pluralities and possibilities. As a subcontinent with 30 odd sub narratives of sub national identities, the sheer melange is mind boggling. This chaos cannot generate a linear narrative, although the English media sounds monochrome. Modi, the master craftsman of narrative shifts, spin doctor par excellence brings the Bullet Train to his home state, which is economically very prosperous. Surely as an infrastructure professional, massive complex public projects of hype, bring massive ecosystem payoffs. The western coast is the financial nerve centre and the bullet train will add value.

The Bullet Train on a subliminal level is symbolism of the ‘growth story’ which is the mast head of the ‘Performance as Politics’ paradigm championed by the current dispensation. Growth narrative is a chimera, for a politics transforming the cultural DNA of the proverbial Idea of India.

The Bullet Train and The Lankesh Murder are both, India. Depends on which lens to evaluate the chaos called India. This subcontinent is a different beast when we talk to different stakeholders. Celebrate the diversity, the critical and also build basic infrastructure. Only critique does not fill stomachs. This Japanese project is geopolitical as well. The hierarchies converge and diverge in real time, as per the frame. Choose your frame of reference?

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