Text and Thought

Text in Digital versus Text in Print, is meaning, content and context. The format is rather aesthetic. The ability to think beyond the software program should be baked into the text, the thinking, the thought process.

Digital has brought about the east access to quality content for free, giving substantially less time to appreciate and think critically about the politics of the text. The impulse to jump to new reads, spending a few seconds in the car or sipping coffee over the water cooler is thorough injustice to an article researched over months. The focus on the ‘argument’ and the ‘drift of the thought process’ through speed reading is application poor, as the soul of the writing is lost. In an era where the cultural ethos of the text is losing out to video content on social media, writing practice as an art faces severe challenges on one level and opportunity to push back alt facts through reading critically acclaimed academic double blind peer reviewed text. There is no substitute to intellectual and emotional labor where it comes to quality even in this era of listicles.

There is more to text than ‘what is the main argument?’ reductionist tendencies. Text is life, germinating thought and diversity, and in a dollars and cents neoliberal sense, ‘the engine of economic innovation.

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