Music. Migrants. Masala.

Migrants listen to various genres of music on their smartphones through YouTube and other apps, to kill the mundane solitude of their days overseas. The Pakistani tea shop which I am sitting in with my Karak Chai has the Punjabi chef playing Lahori tracks. During the Eid Break couple of days back, a group of friends from Lahore all engaged in the construction space with their characteristic salwar kameez and infectious Punjabi accented Urdu were playing old early 1990’s Bollywood songs aloud. Those tracks got me humming as well.

The Transporter from Chittagong, with glitzy shades has playing a diet of Jatra and Bangla Band in his car, all of the sugary romantic realm. He is clearly nursing a heartburn as his ‘Bandhobi’ is not considering his marriage request. I was quite shocked to listen to a QSQT track from the late 1980’s (Gajab sa ye dil, dekho zara) blatantly ripped off and transmuted in to a Bangla Band song. Too much syrupy stuff for the soul. Need some Antidote at the moment.

Music is indeed the language of the soul, and plays a critical element in making migrant life bearable.

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