Instagram feed and #NDP

Celebrating NDP through my Instagram/Facebook feed. Now a days we are transported to events in our desire through visual stimulation to ones imagination. Social media feeds create realities every second through updates. One cannot though recreate the experience of watching the events at the Padang on the common TV with volume switched off, at the Block 108A Food Park Kopitiam at Sunset Way where I spent many a national day where my eyes used to swell and tear up when the Singaporean National Anthem used to play. Yesterday at Chillis in Muscat, there were two Singaporean middle aged men chatting away in Singlish lah, was music to my ears.

Oman is home to some really strategic talent from Singapore running the largest corporations here including a new SEZ and an Oil Refinery

The city, The Air Conditioned Nation where I found myself, as my own man ( never mind the rejected PR application)

Happy 52nd Birthday Singapore. Majulah Singapura. Majulah PAP.

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