Conversation with Autowala on Digital Disruption 2.0

It’s a blistering 40 plus degree on a near summer afternoon in CP. I ask a group of Autowallahs for a ride home to Kailash Colony. They state a figure which is expat worthy, which I am not sadly anymore. We agree to a 180 rupees, which is around the same range as OLA. A feisty 50 ish gentleman, agrees to ride me home. He has a keen interest in insects, and he explains to me the typological differences of the insects he sees on the road. 
He is however an expert in costing. He explains in detail the income of an OLA driver versus the industrial auto. He is keen on stressing on the foreign income of OLA, which cushions the income of the shared economy participant and the patron. He says ‘it’s the dollar to rupee conversion rate that allows such rates’. Twenty years of driving in erudition. 
He said he rides for twenty odd days a month, as ten days are eaten up in maintenance of the vehicle. He makes a range bound 600-1000 per day out of which he saves 200 rupees, quipping ‘ it is how much you save that matters’ 

May be the shared economy folks can learn some insights.

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