Sustainability Science needs to reclaim the narrative

The topics covered in the media regarding the subsets of environmental domain is rather limited. Climate Change is political; macro and sexy. Sanitation gets traction especially in the Indian press, although the infra work needs a lot more focus, any media outreach is good. Contaminated Soil and Groundwater gets the least attention. Environmental regulation, urbanisation and quality of life are so intertwined. Hard science is embedded in an institutional context, and needs enabling mechanisms for maximum traction. Too little scientists write, and science writers are journalists, and policy advocacy needs money, with purse strings with government agencies all over. Trump regime is almost abolishing the EPA, the fountainhead of environmental regulation globally, does not help the environmental cause. Environmental science is foundational to livability. More Science and less rhetoric please.

We do not have seminal works such as Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring any more. Medical Humanities has eloquent narrators such as Atul Gawande and Siddhartha Mukherjee, both academic doctors of acclaim who engage with public health policy with their quality researched books. Scientists are losing the idea wars.

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