Conversations with Cabbies: the Delhi DeMo Edition

Conversation with an OLA driver, 26/03 at 12:30pm on the way to Gurgaon from Kailash Colony, Delhi 
D: Are you paying by PayTM? 
M: No ji, by OLA Pay 
D (having a dejected twitch while driving, as seen by a reflection in the mirror) : Ok, some pay in cash and some by OLA Pay
M: what is the problem? When do you get paid to your account? 
This started since November 8th (2016), I have been paying through e wallets as cash is not available in all ATM’s 
D: Sir, cash is available, well far better than earlier; we get paid only after a week. We have difficulty in paying our fuel bills. 
M: This step towards digital money was taken towards combating black money, so that our transactions are accounted for. 
D: Not everyone has OLA money or PayTM and the normal people do not have black money, we are just living our lives. 
Silence ensued till I reached my destination 
Today PM said using Digital payments helps in building India in Mann Ki Baat. Small voices, in the digital story.

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