Raees : Politics as Sub Text 

Raees is SRK’s comeback vehicle as Salman’s Wanted in 2009, or Rajni Saar’s Kabali. The film is surely a cinematic upgrade to Rahul Dholakia’s films on 2002 carnage. The portrayal of the prohibition in Amdavad, is as filmy as it can be. But the film is more about the communal politics of Naroda Patiya, the train burnings and the marginalisation of the minorities in Gujarat. The prohibition is a metaphor for the facade it is. The home delivery of alcohol is very real. Ask the business traveler to Vadodara. 
SRK calls himself very apolitical in an interview to film critic Rajeev Masand, but this is as backhanded Political it can be, and cinema is as aesthetically political with a small ‘p’. 
Nawaz adds the meat that SRK need to add to the korma that he is shown cooking in the movie. Atul Kulkarni has a presence as always, albeit in a short part. The music is mediocre by Ram Sampath, and is not reflective of the period which this film is depicting. 
The Urdu and the Gujarati is not authentic, it is too mainstream Bombay for my liking. The illustration of real estate as a vehicle for vote bank building is shown with the change of zoning regulations. The ULCRA law politics is evident. Ultimately, the entrepreneurial air of the state is applauded in the punchline. A film where there is concerted effort to depoliticise it in the communication, but is all about it in the subtext and the nuance loudly blaring in the megaphone of the silver screen. 
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