Remembering Basha Dibosh

The Language Day in the south Asian context is a pivotal, watershed event which changed post colonial politics for ever. The blood spilled and lives lost by the language activist martyrs set the wagon rolling towards the eventual self determination of the Bengali people in 1971, after a genocide perpetrated by the Pakistani Army. The events of Language Day were a consciousness shifting moment for Language centred identity building across the post colonial and non aligned world.

As an Indian Bengali, growing up in the Persian Gulf, the Bengali Language was an anchor in a world of plural identities and the memory of the Language Day played a monumental role in emphatically placing the Bengali Language at the heart of the tapestry of identities in a post globalisation era. As the world is heading back to a time where national borders matter again, language is a crucial shared cultural resource for a wider humanity. I pay my heartfelt respect to the martyrdoms of the Language movement in Bangladesh

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