Thoughts on the Trinamool Win

Trinamool is a novel political experiment now, rather than a resistance platform to the Left. Populist semi-socialist measures, minority support and strong leader from the urban fringes makes the appeal real. The corruption is a dampner and is not terribly attractive to the intelligentia although everyone in the Film Industry has been offered a political ticket by now. With an absent opposition, TMC is a monolith. The message which is missing in the narrative is that Trinamool is a Bengali Party, which the Left was not. A Malayali Central Leadership of the Communist Party, with Rajya Sabha seats from Bengal, was not taken by the Bengali middle class well. As much as JDU-RJD is a Bihar Project,NCP is a Maratha party and ADMK/DMK are Tamil Political platforms, Trinamool is a post ideological party, with Bengali voices in the legislature. The Alimuddin Street Culture was too elitist and removed from the realities of Bengal. The Left and the Congress are looking at the end of the barrel now in Bengal. Left won in Kerala as left is still alternative. In Bengal, it was not.

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