Festivals : Diaspora markers of the Past

On a crowded Deepawali or Hari Raya eve in Little India, we can observe a sea of humanity passing by, the excitement palpable in the air and faces gleaming with joy. Festivals in Singapore serve as cornerstones of a multicultural society founded on respect for different beliefs and cultural affiliations.Various communities and sub groups within … More Festivals : Diaspora markers of the Past

Writing as more than Communication

Writing is more than dishing out information, it’s about expression, aesthetics and shattering the silence. Mediocre writing is insincere at its heart. Great writing is not verbose, yet detailed enough, engaging and not indulgent. Writing is the mainstay of communication as we write emails, chat or write consulting reports. Great writing as a skills takes … More Writing as more than Communication

Pragmatic Hillary

Sanders is like Paul, with great optimism and no structural strength to carry all the way through. Inspiring ideas, do not get you the top job as in politics as business who you know matter and what you can do really does not. Only political entrepreneurial initiatives such as AAP can succeed as they back … More Pragmatic Hillary