Eat. Pray and Love more.

This is something that our popular neoliberal , consumerist culture fails to communicate that marriage and love, is not about a rock from tiffany or a honeymoon in the Maldives but its about companionship and sacrifice. A model from GQ only looks good on a magazine cover. In the end it is trust and the ability to reach an extra mile that matters. Do not commoditise love.

Human Values are universal. A Mother cares its child, a couple cares about each other. Globalised Cosmopolitanism have set expectation settings too far.   The sociological imagery of a grand wedding and a life beyond means earned makes things rather unworkable.

Let us all be reasonable and try to understand a shade more.  A relationship is not a product. It has a soul. Feel it.

5 thoughts on “Eat. Pray and Love more.

  1. “I love you and I will until the end of time.And just as she said the words, two bright stars drifted past them overhead and disappeared into the night sky together…”- Danielle Steel
    Love is eternal.. but unfortunately we belong in such a century which commoditizes everything.. living or non-living..
    The article is beautiful 🙂 It turned my dull-day to a bright one!

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