A Writers Year : In Review

This Year has been a year of rapid personal  transformation. Started off the year in the freezer of Delhi’s winter and i  then flew to Muscat and Mumbai for a fortnight in February then back to Delhi to start off a new assignment that became a major M&A news this year. I had the splendid chance to travel to Baroda (the infra in Gujarat is pretty cool) in March then had an amazing Oil & Gas International Assignment from April to June.  I  then had the opportunity to travel to  Mumbai, Nashik and Pune in June, July and August where I experienced the Maharashtra Story prior to the Assembly Polls in an intimate manner. Visiting Trimbakeshwer Temple in Nashik was certainly was one of the highlights of the year.

I studied and wrote about Urban Subaltern community in Nashik, where the politics and the neo-buddhist imagery struck me. This year is of the Year of Narendra Modi and the decline of Brand Kejriwal. I wrote about the communications victory of Modi at the Ballot box and the failure of  Political Start Up called Aam Admi Party.

This year is also the year that I move back to Oman to work and had the opportunity to travel to Duqm in south-central Oman where a new city is rising from the ashes in an effort in Nation Building.

This year is the year, in which I started writing book and movie reviews. Interstellar was the stand out film. Classic Nolan indeed. Samarth Subramanian’s ‘This Divided Island’ on post war Sri Lanka was deep and moving.

A year of change and bonding with friends and family was the hallmark feature of year of this writer. Many more tales to share in 2015. This week also completes four years of this platform. Thank you for your support.

Seasons Greetings Folks.

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