From Ferguson to Sydney: interrogating media narratives

Extremely sad to hear the loss of a young cricketers life today. Prayers and condolences to his family. But i am wondering if the same global media hype would have been created if a Zimbabwe batsman would have been hit. A need to interrogate majoratarian media narratives from Sydney to Ferguson.

Feruguson is a case in point regarding fissures beneath the surface emerging every time a social crevice opens up. Class, race, gender inequity and general socio-economic realties aggrevate stresses in society. Media as the fourth estate, too is political and inherits inherent politics biases. These biases drive the conversation. Power dynamics drive communication and subaltern voices such as the African-American Community in Ferguson are drowned out, overpowered by dominant voices such as Fox News or ABC News with the interview of the shooter policeman.

A Black 18th year old’s life is not precious enough but a white man’s argument is upheld by a unrepresentative grand jury.  The media narrative has to be inverted, and this authors humble attempt is in opening up a window in this biased discourse. Social Media and the internet mediums render that platform fortunately.

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