Journey back home

I have moved again, yes this time to the city of my birth and a place where i partly spent my childhood: Mumbai. Its a sense of Deja vu  i am experiencing coming back and living in the same place where I lived a decade back and had never consciously tried to come back ever since I left for tertiary education overseas.  This time around I am back with a job, after three years of grad school- exams, research papers, final exams and working on a research project the past 18 months in which I made my living. I had a terrific time in Singapore, a city which made me into what i am. I had friends who cared about me in the Tiny Red Dot, superb mentors and a platform to explore myself. Still why the painful decision to come back. I realized this since a while that India in-spite of all its drawbacks is a young country, booming with energy  and everyone around here in Mumbai is on the go to make a living and a zest to make it big. I love this buzz about the city which otherwise is a text book example of income inequalities and urban rich-poor gulf. Its better to be in a growth market.

The roads are certainly better, although the traffic is still very bad. Prices have shot through the roof as i feel as i am paying everything in dollar terms although the salary is in rupees, which is terrible.  It was great to catch up with a couple of child hood friends and realize or come to terms that time and distance have nothing to do with human emotion, they are still the same old thing.  I am trying to rebuild my life here, where as everyone else seems to have one here. I will write about my journey here and my past experiences as a diasporic boy struggling to carve a fluid identity in the Middle East and SE Asia. I feel great to be back here but have a tinge of sadness as I had to leave a life painstakingly built overseas. I look forward to my ‘Re”-Discovery of India.

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