My Singapore Story

Its time again to move again. The time i take to build meaningful relationships, connections, partnerships and get emotionally settled in a place is pain staking and its sheer hard work.  And before, i realize its again time to move on once more in the journey called life. This time again i will be moving in a few days to the city of my birth. I am moving from the Lion City, the place i called home and had a real life to call my own. This city has given me an identity, a platform to engage with life. I have commenced the process of catching up with folks who made a difference in my life over the past three years. Some very recent friends and some who i had met just upon landing here in the tiny red dot. I love this city, probably the only place in the world where i can grab a meal safely at 4am after having more than a drink on a public holiday eve. The stability and safety of this city is legendary. I adore ‘Food-ing’ or makan-ing in the city, where food is the national passion here. Kopi-tiams are packed all over the city at any time of the city. Even heartlands such as Chua Chu Kang, have a unique charm. Espanade Theaters by the Bay and Orchard are just too blissful to express in words.  I luv Singlish lah too 🙂 Mustafa Centre has been a centre for pilgrimage over the past three years 😛

Clementi is where i call home in Singapore, and i will miss it dearly. Dempsey Hill and Boat Quay have given me a great time on weekends.

NUS has made me what I am. NTU has taught me valuable life lessons and paid me to survive in this expensive city. I will be always grateful to this country and its people for the person i am now. I take back with me Singapore in my heart and the spirit of pragmatism which will lead me on from now.

As i wind up this post, I would like to quote a line from Corrine May’s National Day 2010 song- a beautiful, heartfelt rendition indeed:

I want to sing, sing a song for Singapore, you are brother, you are my Sister, I am thankful for Singapore.

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