The Joy of Failure

I have not succeeded 99% of the times, i have attempted to do things the first time around. A lot of relatives wrote me off after my 10th standard exams. Every few years i have faced this conundrum; starting fresh on a clean slate. There are loads of challenges in working out of your comfort zone, but the learning curve is enormous. But this world, requires a CV, a track record to boot. Experimentation is hardly encouraged. No wonder Innovation is confined to academic research papers, which researchers themselves do not adhere to itself.

Failure offers a new opportunity to start anew. Social Stigma kills, very much but there is no more joy in outproving who doubt us.  new road is thrilling to explore, the chances of failure are huge and the hormonal kick is mind blowing. A NEW CHALLENGE IS A NEW REASON TO LIVE.  So get a challenge to stretch ones limits. Get dumped, sacked, thrown out but for the right sentiment, purpose and motivation. The next turn ahead then will be a much smoother drive. Fail, Fail Forward.

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