Pain: The mother sentiment

We undergo a plethora of emotions, in our heads, minds and the obscure entity called the soul. Passion is the eternal source of energy , but pain is an emotion that connect all humankind. Pain is also felt by animals. The only difference is that we make meaning of the pain that we encounter. Pain is triggered by disappointments, fulfillment of our aspirations. Pain has a different shade of metaphor. Its physical pain caused by a disease or injury, emotional turmoil regarding personal matters, its complex at its best. There is no motivator like pain, it builds resolve like no other medicine, it gives immunity against events that trigger basic crisis.  It ignites a fire in the belly like no other thing can. Life would not be life sans pain. The greatest emotional scars are left by pain. Physical version of the pain leaves us crying for relief, the physical pain goes away, but the mental scar does not heal too quickly.

Managing pain is crucial, channelizing its momentum is the key. It can make us stronger or break us. I pray that every bout of physical pain or heartbreak heals and heralds a new start.


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