We have many emotions that we travel through time, during various phases in life. Sometimes, we want to feel wanted, many times we feel that we have found a soul mate, a person we have found resonance with, in terms of interests, perspectives and simply have a splendid time whenever we meet and catch up. Giving labels to relationships sometimes limits the purview of the landscape of emotions that we explore in our lives.  We feel that precious moments that are experienced wont come again, and want to feel the most of it an a singular moment. Live a life in a moment, in all the splendor that life has to offer.

Keeping Faith is tough, we ask multiple questions of ourselves; am i good enough, can i make it through, will i screw up bigtime… are all the million riyal questions that we ask of ourselves when we meet a person, opening  or a situation that we do not wish to lose, even at the cost of our lives. I pray hard for the Will of GOD to be established in my life.  Well, Faith as small as a mustard seed can move a mountain.  Every journey has a lesson, a key take-away that transforms our mundane existence for the better. Life is Beautiful in all its strange contours. Faith leads to prayer and that directs us to hope against hope for the worse off option to not be actualized.  There are a million different things going on in my life. These are opportunities, thoughts, people, ideas moving in and out at differential velocities according to the weights they carry in the scheme of life.  Life is short, keeping up the passion and the drive is the key to make the best of the window of opportunities which GOD presents us.

Faith, Prayer, Love and finally hope are the sides of the same square that define our lives. These all elements are invaluable in the journey called life. Its bewildering at times lah! Keeping Faith is hard, failing takes a pound of emotional flesh out of our psyche as dreams dont realize all the time. We are expected to perform at our epoch perennially. Work Life Balance is indeed an oxymoron. Either we do well in our career or have reasonably fulfilling non work related time.  Let us atleast try to fulfill our calling 🙂

I hope, I hope…..

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