The duality between thought and action

This is a hyphenated term which troubles me. Why does not thought necessarily translate into action? Do beliefs shape practices or does practices shape value systems. Are Structure and Agency reflexive truly? What is the missing link in the discourse, is it initiative, drive or sheer loss of control over our products of thought or alienation as Marx said that workers are alienation from the product, and as we are living in an post modern, anti meta narrative era, we are mind workers at the end of the day.  How do our value systems evolve, whether they attenuate or amplify are questions of significant importance. I understand, some people are action oriented in a naturally pre disposed fashion, and some like me are arm chair thinkers, need to have a spectacular cognitive clarity in order to take the right step. Excessive analysis does lead to paralysis of action, the threshold frequency for an idea to skip to the next energy level is the sheer passion to make it happen. Its often obsession that gets the idea across the finish line.

Often thought does not convert into meaningful meaning making out of the action due to the circumstances in the ‘Desert of the Real’.  What you have to do is what you have to do is my primer for many a decision i have taken. So whats your take, what comes first- the impulse of action or the train of thought?

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