The sincerity of a heartbreak

Heartbreak is something which is fundamentally common to everyone, more common to people who are chronologically young and also to those young at heart. This is a basic emotion, a one which makes us feel human. One of those very bundle of sentiments which causes us to retrospect, introspect and changes us one heartbeat at a time. Heartbreak is not connected to only a romantic notion, but it is experienced when we intercept failure when our hopes and reality do not collide. A heartbreak from a failure either from a event, occasion or a human relationship, makes us either very strong or makes us fragile in the event of another failure. It makes us skeptical of risk of venturing out in to the unknown.  Or it makes us fearless, having the faith of seen it all and what more worse can come out of this latest human initiative.

Heartbreak is one emotion well characterized in the entertainment industry. I follow Bollywood very closely so I have my personal favorites for heart break season. Tanhayee from Dil Chahata Hai, Mitwa from Kal Ho Na Ho in case of relationships or Tanha Dil from Shaan or a track from Lagaan can pep  me up for the day in case of a setback. This is one strand of sentiment that hits hard, and real rough. Its raw and real. Transformative power can felt in those quickened breaths and tears trickling down from the corner of the ears. The soul can see me through my real me from the outside.

Maturity is demonstrated in the light of a disappointing heart break. It keeps us sad for sometime  and then makes us realize that life is long beyond the incident and the zest is awaiting us at the next bend, it is the hope that keeps us alive.

Yet, we all hope at the back of our mind that we wish that things had worked out as we has planned, life’s beautiful is in its vagaries and its time that we acknowledge and appreciate it.

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