Project Title:Life

We all have this wonderful opportunity and a gift called life. The realization only comes when we have lost invaluable time in the process to pandering to our emotions and egos. A huge quantum of chronological space is lost in growing up and making sense of who we are. The question which comes to my mind frequently is ‘are we just here, to life a stable, comfortable existence, to continue the status quo or to make a dent in the wall of time’. Well, making a dent is very hard, it seems all the easy issues have been dealt with and all the intractable big issues are left and no body wants to touch them. These issues are significant, but the best minds are all working in financial services in front of rolling numbers on a screen.  Lets admit it, money matters and that Sunday brunch at the Four Seasons is pretty cool.

Change has to fight with the historical inertia of time. Making a simple academic domain transition is met with resistance and suspicion. Life seems to be reduced to a paper called a Resume, and a advert called a Cover Letter. Everything during University seems to be for the CV. Its all a project towards a ‘well rounded personality’. Anybody who goes against the tide of society and time is torn away into pieces. We live in the era of instant gratification, its all about instant success. No body has patience. I would like to thank my teachers on the eve of Teachers Day, who had patience when I was growing up and had the confidence in me to persist.

Life is a project with a definite timeline. No space for redundancies called ’emotions and sentiments’ are factored in to the bottomline of the balancesheet. Its a perennial rush hour to work. As Marx said in ‘Estranged Labour’, ‘the labour’s product is something alien , as a power independent of its producer’. Work is for survival, Social Darwinism at its glorious best.  The meaning of existence is lost as we do not have any time to think and to reflect. Its all a race to the finish line. Life is indeed a race and not a stroll in the park.  It seems the concept of the film Matrix is realizing itself, day by day that are all in a program to maintain the status quo and to keep us subdued via the regime of work life. Life is work and work is life.

Lets take out one day in our lives to rediscover ourselves, find raw joy and emotion once again…

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