Why does everyone have to be special- just be YOU!

All the popular media  glamorizing rhetoric about becoming an entrepreneur as well as creating a phenomenon single handedly and eulogizing everyone who studied at an iit or at an ivy league school. The projection in the media is about creating our own venture by participating in biz plan competitions and creating the next Google or a reliance for the next generation. As if starting and running a business is as simplistic as playing monopoly or counterstrike.  Or to be counter intuitive, is doing a regular day job so drab and un  sexy that we are decedents of Mr. Bean and his ilk? Our parents and our forefathers who tilled farms, taught in schools or did administrative jobs in companies or in government, did actually raise successful families and lived contented lives.   Running business is not about going to student conferences to speak or distributing name cards at networking events or doing fancy stuff wearing dapper suits. Its about sweating it out getting projects, executing them and optimizing resources as well as motivating people to give their best towards a common objective.

The whole popular culture about celebrity worship and pursue the ‘Hot’ career sector at that moment whether it is Social Media, Nanotech or Biotechnology  is  the very black hole which sucks the potential energy out of the souls which may be talented in a different field altogether AND CREATE which they really enjoy doing like music or art or even playing a sport on a professional level. Ultimately, it is about the individual enjoying what he does and so he does it well enough that the market will buy the service and make a living.  Its important that we get back down to the basics and concentrate on the things which matter to us… Being normal is indeed normal and its meaning differs from person to person and on what meaning each one of us wish to manufacture.

Teaching Kindergarten and  being a factory workshop operator is perfectly good, as they create the bedrock of civilization, they run real things unlike traders in front of a couple of screens with rolling & streaming numbers. Success has to decoupled from the essence of wealth creation, it has to be linked to happiness..thats what lives are all truly about!

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