The Myth of The ‘Self Made Man’

Success is relative and the term means different things to different people of a socioeconomic edifice. We all need success stories to inspire us to fulfill our potential. The entire genre of motivational books is based on parables and human stories which inspire us. There are some extra special individuals , which we all can be if we are passionately driven enough to make a positive transformation in our day to day existence. By presenting the higher moral ground to the so called ‘Self Made Man’ , we are all abdicating our responsibility for a better life for all of us. One member of a family who does well, can transform a group of people, the power is in our hands. it is all in the mind and the flesh is weak.  It needs sacrifices, facing rebukes from near and dear ones and giving up on a lot of things, well life is treacherous and a very bad master. Life is never fair, it will always seem that the grass is greener on the other side. We always wish that things could have been different. The thing we can do is to try our hardest and to be a good trier. One does not have to possess the IQ of 150 to make a good life, it about finding what we are good at and working hard at it.

The people who are blessed with opportunities, are just having the same stuff, we are trying to attain a bit earlier. Having the right opportunities does not mean that the person has has a easy way, because he has worked to capitalize on the opportunity and not left it by the wayside. Being born in a family of wealth and stature, gets a person a head start but nothing more, if anything it makes a person even more aware of the potential the world has to offer. It does not make him a weaker person or have a fragile spine to deal with the vagaries of this sinful world than the person who is so called self made.

A Dhirubhai Ambani is a one in a billion, we are all here, because of the teacher who had patience on us when we could not understand a high school math problem, a parent who had patience even we made a bad call regarding our finances or a friend who stood by us when we were in the midst of a emotional breakdown. A million multitudes of gratitude and generosity makes the person we are ultimately, and by that understanding; I would not be arrogant enough to call myself self made.

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