Will the real ‘leader’ please stand up: Personality Politics in India

There has been a turn in the dynamics of political modus operandi in India; powerful personality leadership cults are emerging which lead regional satraps and the national parties like the BJP and the Congress are struggling to project a definitive leader as the face of the party. In this era of the 24×7 media beast, a clear leader projection helps in cementing the position of the party at the battle of the ballot box. Mamata Banerjee; the single women anti communist crusader who brought down the left cooperative at writers building, ran a campaign which was presidential in nature, the entire story of change and hope weaved around the personality cult of Mamata Di.  Nitish Kumar, has emerged as the renaissance hero of modern day Bihar, changing the wild west perception of his state to that one on the highway to highness in the league of emerging states in India.  His re-election with a 2/3rd mandate was a result of his clean image and pro growth, secular credentials.

Madam J. Jayalalitha, the newly elected chief minister of tamil nadu, is also the supremo of her political outfit where the rest are in the shadows of her overwhelming persona. The ultimate Guru of Developmental politics in India is the ‘New Sardar’- Narendra Bhai Modi, who has built a fan following internationally, due to his ruthless leadership abilities and powerful oratorical skills.  Naveen Patnaik, the three term chief minister of Odisha state, runs a single man enterprise based on his clean image and pro growth policies.  There is a single strand weaving all of them, single man, grass root leaders and street warriors who built their mass base painstakingly whose heart is on local and regional issues.

The High Command culture in the Congress, is dynastic and pseudo monarchic in nature. Super popular leaders like Indira and Rajiv Gandhi as well as Soniaji and Rahulji are present, but the public perception is that they are aloof and not in touch with the ground realities on 2011 India. The top leadership of the congress is greatly talented and experienced, but none of them will be projected as the PM candidate. A YSR was a grassroots leader in Andhra Pradesh, who did a great deal of work, was unfortunately killed in an air crash. His Son quit the party, because his Father’s legacy was not given its due.

The Gen ‘Y’ needs clear signals regarding the leadership of the country. Clarity is the foundation of communication which is the basis of Leadership. The BJP has too many leaders, like too many cooks spoil the broth.

Will Rahulji be decalred as the PM candidate for 2014 or will Nitish lead the NDA? Only time will tell, for the exciting next episode of the series called ‘Life in India’

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