ESGDD as a value lock

There are so many fire safety accidents and workplace injuries that can be prevented, through proactive measures. There is a massive depletion of investor value through it being a material risk.

ESG Due Diligences assist in creating a filter for risk for investors, and if done well can be an enterprise value add over the long term.


Pav Bhaji Creole

Pic by the Author

Pav Bhaji exemplifies Bombays make do spirit of Luso Goan Bread or Pao meeting a mash of left over veggies which is now a staple of Indian Vegetarian fare the world over.

Navratna, the staple of Navi Mumbai’s food scene churns out the very best Pav Bhaji.

IPL on the App

The Amrutalaya

Chai spaces as a site of circulation from Kuwait to Jakarta has been an analytic to grasp transnational flows. These are quotidian spaces of joy, where chai is accompanied with cricket watching. This pic is of IPL watching on a phone through the Jio Cinema App is a game changer this year where the primary interface of viewership is on the digital.

IPL Watching

Navi Mumbai, May 2023

Fort Creole as Method

Prof Kabir speaks on the transcolonial ‘Fort Creole’ where registers of research delve into architectural politics of heritage to building material to language to cartographic resources.

The scale is indeed trans regional in the words of Prof Eng Seng Ho.

The talk was in Paris.