When Gatekeepers Get Sacked.

Thanks to the democratic impulse of the digital, writers and photographers like me do not need to pander to the whims of the gatekeepers such as editors and publishers where taste making is a function of a clique in person rather than sheer talent. And who gets to measure that?

Curators of content are the new tastemakers as the deluge of everything is out there.

Rain Making.

So many well-meaning individuals and initiatives, startups, and scale ups from professional services to academia to non-profits all seek resources, funding, grants, and revenues to finance their work yet there is little practical attention on growth, the engine itself yet the discussion is on the meta, the strategy. The art of sale is as innovative as strategy.

Gulf as a South Asian Space.

The Asia Cup in the UAE is an apt metaphor as the diaspora makes the Gelf Desi as remittances do connect us materially. Sri Lanka and Pakistan are in a challenging time due to floods and a political crisis. Afghanistan post the Taliban shift gives cricket in a major diaspora center especially Sharjah is more than symbolic.

The Hong Kong Team with loads of Pakistani origin players connected the post Empire to the imperial sport which is truly embraced as post-colonial and Asian.

The Indian Team can go and play online games. Dream 11 pe hi team banao.

Happy for Colombo, Kandy and Illankai Jaffna! Well done.

The largest South Asian City is the twin city urban agglomeration of Ad Dubayy and Sharjah.