India at 75 : Some Thoughts

This Azaadi Weekend, there are many more freedoms to achieve such as economic and that freedom is a starting point for a journey rather than an ossified ritual. Let Bharat or Hindustan have many articulations, as diversity is not a weakness. We have survived as we are decentralized, fragmented federal state as each state is on a different trajectory of evolution, some are dependent upon international diasporas such as Kerala and Punjab, others have internal circulations such as Bihar.

We are excellent at survival, the pandemic being a brilliant case study as we think on the scale of the family for sustenance. It is not a miracle that we have not been balkanized, as we are designed to fight. Some outliers are global standards, but we need to build benchmarks. Let’s make it happen in the next 75 years!


Writing the Self

Writing is enriching when there are no ROIs to extract or CVs to manufacture. The key impulse is to excavate the erased histories that do not fit within neat frames of the politics of knowledge production. Do not write when one has nothing much to say. Writing is about the self.

Happy National Day, Singapore!

Happy 57th Singapore! There is a lot to be grateful for.

I am eternally indebted to the learnings, multiple work opportunities and generous scholarships at NUS and NTU over the past 13 years. I have made mentors, lifelong friends and have family in Singapore too. Even though i am way this year for NDP in Mumbai, i hope to be back for Laksa and Chicken Rice soon at the Block 107A Kopitiam on 112 Street on Clementi Road, which has been my urban kampung.

I shall follow the NDP programs on YouTube as a proud Singapore-Phile while i hum Majulah Singapura under my breath.


ESG and Scale.

The issues with implementing #ESG are one of incomprehensibility of ‘scale’. ESG for a platform economy player will be one of ‘partner’ welfare, vis-à-vis a hydrocarbon major with deep pockets. Recognizing scale and appreciating contextual specificity is key to delivery.