Writing Up: Starting Up 11 years back

Having an interdisciplinary career from Biotechnology to Environmental Engineering to Human Geography academically and career wise within consulting to start ups to journalism to non-profits across the last decade (and six countries), needed an anchor to what i always wanted to do, which is to write and on one humid Christmas day in 2010- out of sheer exasperation opened a blog named changethinker, hoping that my thoughts matter.

I got the worst feedback (and still do) and hoped to author stories that others do not as academia and the private sector have their own incentive structures.

I did not want to adhere to the rules, so i started up. I am a non-PhD, and a scribbler who writes from the tapri or the chai karak shop or the kopitiam wherever i am.

I have been on a roster of platforms that people aspire to, and have gotten publishing opportunities in significant places, on paid roles in consulting and writing.

I share notes with fellow indies and college students all over. The thumb rule is simple- do one thing well and have a market for it.

Do not let the HR manager dictate the terms. Dignity matters.

Build value, offer cost savings and be a rain maker.