Pandemic Labour Geographies FGD

A Sunday Evening spent with migrant brothers from Bangladesh at the Banglar Kantha office understanding the variegated pandemic micro labor geography of the construction worker in Singapore.

I was joined by my uncle and Cousin in the dialogue in Bangla.

Thank you Mohsin Da for your guidance and mentoring over the years.

Listening to first person narratives is a humbling experience.


Sunday Joy!

Oman through the Indian Ocean Lens

Oman needs to be viewed from the Indian Ocean rather than the Rub Al Khali, the vocab for Beirut can’t be applied to Sur. Oman was never really one country until 1971, or 1979 with the Imamate and the Dhofar Revolution but national integration was successful during Baba Qaboos, the Late Sultan. Oil was a booster pack but never had the leverage of Abu Dhabi. The locus of analysis itself is problematic. Oman should be compared to Ajman in UAE rather than Dubai.

The former Sultans are being reinstated at the National Museum at present, and large realignments happening with Riyadh via Ibri.

Pre-Oil for Post Oil.

Culture is a vital aspect of any entrepreneurship venture as Oman has a culture of dhando vado, with the Shia Lawatiyahs and Hindu Banias from Kutch, however the inland tribes were not as mobile. Oman had a maritime empire before oil, and that spirit needs to be recovered. An effective way would be to tap talent within the trader castes aka Omani Lawatiyahs or Ajmis for entrepreneurship. Oman is not talent void.