Gig Economy Mindset Transformation

In the gig economy, every contract is a limited time entity and the next gig might not emerge immediately. The WFH era, moves jobs remotely to the cheapest location. Work is really becoming networked however, an educated underclass is created. A generation that took loans, studied in private colleges in a hope of a greater earning power than the previous generation is feeling trapped, as they expect salaries to pay off the debt.

College graduates work as delivery executives as there is an income available. Did they study to work as gig economy nodes where every job is a gig for a client. An economy of gig workers is terrible for social mobility as it is a hand to mouth affair perennially.

Having a job is better than not having one, but the gig economy has ramifications for the real estate sector, banking and the most important market; that of marriage.

A different grammar is evolving which is adding to troll behaviour, aided by aspirational Instagram Influencers and a deficit in self confidence. The Total Fertility Ratio is bound to fall in many countries. A steady income elite having work in the public sector will be calcified as work and life as a relationship is redefined.

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