Keep Growing.

Getting better each day is a contact sport.Fall, and get back to fight again.


For all the data first thinking, the data is often situated in context 🙂


It is not content, it is research, writing and art. Content is for SEO algorithms, not for insightful impact.


The charm of the digital nature of tech vis-Ă -vis climate change and healthcare is the ability to solve problems through … More


An ability to deal with carnage with Grace with a great talent/ability in 2021.


Desire is created on Instagram and delivered on Amazon : @kunalb11

The Singaporean Imagination

“Countries like Singapore are a wealth management company, they know how to compound wealth for people, making people from all … More


During my school and college, i was chided for reading widely, and called ‘philosophical’ which is a synonym for unfocused. … More