Organic Knowledge Production

In this open season of the performance of productivity, where podcasts, teach-ins and webinars are creating dialogic spaces for participatory communities of practice and democratizing the hallowed ivory tower academic spaces to lesser mortals such as me for instance who occupy a liminal, interstitial positionality of a writer and consultant. I put by start up cap by asking can these conversations be transcribed and may be edited volumes, or potential collaborations in terms of projects be documented better. All i see is an upload to Vimeo or the YouTube page, which is giving the participants a raw deal as such energy and time is devoted to informal knowledge production. These talks are archived in the black box of the digital archive for the future researcher to dig up.

The same with fabulous Facebook posts which are often far ahead than what the mainstream media writes. These along with videos are lost in the deluge of data. I hope there is some systematic approach to catalog at-least as per themes.

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