Stop Migrant Bashing.

It seems the opposition in Sg GE, has only one weapon which is anti immigrant sentiment, which does not make it any different to the major populist zeitgeist globally. As a Fallen Talent or FT who has studied on a NRF Scholarship plus worked in the country and is a Singapore-phile🇸🇬 proudly I can assure many that there are folks like me who are not PR do serve the island in our ways.

I work with non profits to serve unserved communities and businesses on the island to take them to international markets to the best of my abilities. I travel on short term visas and love the country.

Not all are leaches. Stop the white washing.

Singapore GE2020 Debate Notes

Digital Covid era election Singapore style is one of a kind. The ruling PAP sends in the very best in the form of suave and soft spoken Dr Vivian Balakrishnan, Foreign Minister and master debater to demolish the opposition. SDP’s Dr CSJ was a terrible choice given his fractious history. He was called out many times during the debate as the weak link. The Progress Singapore Party representative on the debate asked some difficult questions.

Ivy League educated Dr Jamus Lim of the Workers Party held his ground and was forceful, gently. He set out the Worker’s Party’s scope of work very clearly when Dr Vivian called his party ‘PAP Light’. His training as a sovereign wealth fund economist came of good use.

Dr Paul’s intellectual heft was missed. SDP will remember this blunder for many years.

Counting Research Impact.

Today I updated my Academic Publications list, which I had not done over the past three years since I was in the Gulf. Publication list is a language is alien for the consulting space I know but intellectual production is vital even for a knowledge sector such as consulting, rife with a copy-paste mindset. Innovation is the currency in the new normal where growth prospects seem bleak.

I have been publishing since 2006 when I was hardly out of my teens. Not bad as I have been trudging away scrubbing one abstract/paper at a time for the past 15 years.

15 international conference papers, 3 journal papers, 2 conference papers and numerous articles for the popular media which I did not enumerate. Neither the consulting reports that I have authored or led.

It’s important to step back and count ones work and impact. Detractors are a dime a dozen. Let the work speak.