Some numbers.

Some numbers for my own record purely for a writerly reflection: Since December 1, 2019 I have written 47 articles until today (14/07/2020) including 35 for The Tilak Chronicle (thanks to a weekly column), 7 for YE Blog (a monthly delight) on Sustainability, 4 for The Empire Diaries (for Gulf focused writing) and 1 each for AGSIW, premier think tank on the Gulf in Washington DC, and Intangible Mag in Spanish via translation in Caracas.

Around 50k words as it’s on an average 1200 words per article. The minimum is 600 words to a maximum of 2900 words. I prefer writing narrative non fiction In the form of long reads. This is purely thanks to the sheer generosity of the editors and partners I work with.

And I have a pretty engaged growth consulting day job for an energetic boutique policy consulting firm in Oman. I blog on my own website as well with quips, photos and spoken word.

The best way to think is to write and helps in forging networks, ideas and commercial value. To be a writer is to be an entrepreneur.

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