Counting Research Impact.

Today I updated my Academic Publications list, which I had not done over the past three years since I was in the Gulf. Publication list is a language is alien for the consulting space I know but intellectual production is vital even for a knowledge sector such as consulting, rife with a copy-paste mindset. Innovation is the currency in the new normal where growth prospects seem bleak.

I have been publishing since 2006 when I was hardly out of my teens. Not bad as I have been trudging away scrubbing one abstract/paper at a time for the past 15 years.

15 international conference papers, 3 journal papers, 2 conference papers and numerous articles for the popular media which I did not enumerate. Neither the consulting reports that I have authored or led.

It’s important to step back and count ones work and impact. Detractors are a dime a dozen. Let the work speak.

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