Singaporean Strategic Foresight

In the light of the resilience package announced today by Finance Minister Heng Swee Keat, Singapore redefines strategic foresight to a different level. Decades of planning is needed for the black swan event, and as a former NRF-CRP Scholar at NTU i can vouch for Singaporean exceptionalism from a close quarter. Planning on building capacity in healthcare decades back by attracting the best talent globally at A-STAR and medical schools such as Duke-NUS needs the firm leadership disconnected from negotiating daily demands of electoral politics where strategic spends are taken in right context.

Singapore is the regulatory sandbox for policy innovation, and this needs to be admired and feted when many countries lack decisive decision making due to deleterious polarized discourses. I would like to see no cardboard uncles and aunties as well, and Singapore being a generous polity can take care of this blemish.

As a non PR, FT (and very Sg-phile at heart)- i can feel the impact from miles away in Pune, India. I miss my 151 Bus rides. Majulah!

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