Sustainability Advisory in the COVID-19 era

How will #sustainability and #stakeholderengagement professionals adapt to the move to the ‘cloud’ in the era of #COVID19 where site visits and meeting communities for public consultation is a part and parcel of the job. Let’s begin with our strengths, that is HSE. We advice on safety matters especially in remediation so we have our basics pretty sorted.

Client meetings can be zoomed, but how do we substitute meeting communities which are on the other side of the digital divide or open up new registers such as chat rooms where internet access is available or Skype, which is then transcribed.

Can site visit data for ESIAs and Audits be supported by drones and other spatial data? Can local academics and universities help in order to curtail travel? These are some of the questions which can lead to interesting openings for conversation.

How are amending our methods for the pandemic will help us create applicable knowledge for clients and the wider community of practice.