Singapore through ‘Makan’ in India

Food is a national pastime for Singapore. Makan is culture, and as a former Singapore resident who studied and worked there- Singaporean/Malaysian cuisine is close to my heart, through the stomach. Where ever, I have lived in India or in the Gulf, i have always tried to search for food from the Nusantara. In Dubai- Streetary in Jumeirah Lake Towers area to the Asian Box at Lane 6 at Koregaon Park, Pune where the food is as authentic as it can get outside the region.

Nasi Lemak, Char Keow Tay to Dimsums made one feel in a good court in the Kopitiam in a cold Saturday evening here in Pune. The flavour palate and taste buds are a repository of memory. The engagement with Singapore is through food and CNA on YouTube as of now. Singapore educated me on a scholarship at NTU, gave work at NUS and made me the professional I am. My heart is still at the Block 708A Food Court in Clementi next to Sunset Way lah.

The Char Keow Tay as Bourdain mentioned is a meal originally meant for Chinese workers for breakfast as it is very heavy. The explosion of flavours which the flat noodle had brought out in my mouth transported me to a different reality sitting in an upmarket restaurant here in Pune. The dimsums were divine, the condiments were terrific. The Nasi Lemak was quite an ensemble, of flavours which was dense.

The meal for two was pocket friendly and left me emotional. Singapore is an emotion.

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