It’s time to teach Writing.

I have been reading the masters of writing such as Amitava Kumar, Amit Chaudhuri’ and Teju Cole to hone my writing. I have been writing since high school and always loved the craft. I never had an opportunity to attend a writing workshop or a MFA to formalise my craft.

As a trained ethnographic researcher, I have picked up some skills in the social sciences to translate it into writing. Fieldwork through the body as an instrument/site of osmosis, teaches me the fine texture of life, and the silences/articulations of the text, the culture and the politics of writing.

Where does the narrative go after the cacophony of the media, or journalistic writing as the first draft of history. What do we silence in our head, while amplifying another data point to craft our arguments ?

As a writer, where is my voice from all the research articles one reads to write an article, paper or a book proposal? Why don’t we teach critical thinking or creative writing at school or university where we need to converse every minute on email, text or a memo at the least. Whoever calls the future ‘post text’ is reading too many listicles and consuming meme’s.