Conversation with an Autowallah: Pune Diaries

Had a conversation with a chatty Autowallah, who was in full sale mode with an attitude to overcharge on the pretext of Navratri. He was however critical of an old strongman from western Maharashtra, and very pro Modi, as he finds graft at the local level especially in hospitals reduced. ‘Na khauungaa, Na Kaanedunga’ seems to have found a particular resonance for the urban working class, who still access public services. The Maharashtra polls are around the corner and polls seems to be an academic exercise in democracy.

Modi ji’s Overseas outreach with the optics finds leverage with his domestic audience as confidence building, something which commentators in Khan Market or Soho or Central Park would not gauge with their taxi driver journalism.

Ghuen Tak.

War; The Phillum Review

#War is a masala YRF phillum in the same cinematic space such as the Tiger Franchise. The film is an opulent Spy movie with Hrithik and Tiger, almost an ode to the oomph of the two actors on the screen. 

The movie is uncreative, and is a melange of action set pieces lifted off a catalogue of Hollywood movies from the Mission Impossible films to the Bond series.

As a bollyholic, the movie has instances identical to Ek Tha Tiger and Tiger Zinda Hai, which is even by YRF non standards poor.

The movie is held together by an one actor act, Mr. Roshan is in fine form and a treat for the heteronormative female gaze.

Adi on the other hand, get your creative juices flowing.