Dreams have to be deeply sheltered Dreams make the scaffolding of the future Energy of those early morning ruminations Dreams … More


In the depths Clarity emerges Like a sharp beam That projects into the future


Life is lived Somewhere between Saturation of quotidian micro violence And the dreams I seek Liberation in the thoughts In … More

Bayt and Belonging

I recently been having interesting conversations recently about the idea of Home for the second generation in the Gulf. We … More

The Migrant Plate

As a second generation Indian Citizen in the Gulf, with a substantial part of my life also lived in SE … More


Engage with the wound Running away, a balm In our bruises The self is built/revealed Pain crushes/transforms

Muharram in Dubai.

Hardly see serpentine lines in Dubai, but in this Muharram time, streams of faithful gush in to the Shia Masjid … More