Damascus in Dubai: Reconnections through Food

Kafteh. Syrian Restaurant in the Diaspora, Aroos Damascus in Deira, Dubai retains a semblance of a community with a shattered homeland. No service staff spoke in English, which in a global Dubai is refreshing as this is an an Arab Muslim City, which is conveniently lost in the Tagalog and Urdu or Malayalam cacophony. Language … More Damascus in Dubai: Reconnections through Food


Home is a past Where atrophied dreams Seek empty reconciliation Innocent, reckless aspirations Who had told you to build castles In the ethereal web of firing neural networks Home is where one finds one Let it be a dream, stunted At least I am me For a flicker of a thought

India’s Gulf Policy Flows

India’s Gulf Policy is not run through South Block, thankfully but through the souqs of the port cities, the entrenched Bania/Malayali Diaspora and power networks flowing through Surat, Mundra, Mallapuram, Trivandrum and Borivali and Dahisar in Mumbai. JNU does not know a thing😊

Writing the Gulf.

A key aspect missing in the planning or sociology literature about the Gulf is the absence of the backlane as a typological entity in urban space. The backlanes of the cities have unique sub cultures with informal spaces not listed on Zomato. I found plenty of eating places run by various communities which are lifelines, … More Writing the Gulf.